Who You Can Expect At The Reshaping Education Summit

June 4, 2021

When we launched the Reshaping Education Podcast a year ago, our Founder and CEO, Ish Baid, wanted to have conversations with thought leaders in the online education space all about the future of learning. It was March 2020, and he could tell that something big was happening behind the scene. Online education was changing -- reshaping -- in new and exciting ways, and he wanted to learn how and why. 

Since then, we have covered cohort-based courses, bootcamps, trade schools, and income share agreements. We have theorized about the future of higher ed with Ryan Laverty and learned about what it’s like building a coding bootcamp from scratch with Victoria Rivera.

We’ve interviewed legends in the industry like Ali Abdaal (Part-time YouTube Academy), Tiago Forte (Forte Lab), Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad), and so many others. One year later, to celebrate the progress we've made, we're hosting the first-ever virtual Reshaping Education Summit. You can expect a day of talks, workshops, networking, giveaways, and prizes. 

At this one-day free event, we've invited back some of our favorite guests from Season One who will cover exciting trends, best practices for launching, scaling, fostering community, and more. Here are some of the incredible speakers we have lined up for the summit. 

Register for the Reshaping Education Summit happening June 9th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST. 

Meet Our Speakers 

Julia Saxena 

Julia Saxena is the co-founder of Minimum Viable Video, a cohort-based course that teaches professionals to be confident in front of the camera. She's also an alumni mentor for "Building a Second Brain" and "Write of Passage", two courses focused on productivity and creativity. When she isn't teaching, she is planning her trip to her 46th country or writing her weekly newsletter, "Scale Your Impact," which covers all things copywriting, online courses, and productivity. At Julia's session, discover ways to write compelling copy to attract more students to your course.  

In the meantime, listen to this podcast episode with Julia Saxena about how joining several cohort-based cohorts helped kickstart the launch of her program, Minimal Viable Video. 


William Mannon 

Will Mannon is the Course Director at Forte Academy, which powers two of the most reputable cohort-based courses: Building a Second Brain and "Write of Passage". He is also a writer, YouTuber, and a Mandarin enthusiast. In this session, learn how to create memorable student experiences throughout your program.

In the meantime, check out this podcast episode with William Mannon where we discuss building and scaling online courses. 


Ana Lorena Fabrega, A.K.A. Ms. Fab

In 2019, Ana left the traditional classroom to become an EDUpreneur, which she uses to describe a passionate educator outside the classroom with a strong desire to break the mold. 

Since then, she’s been part of many successful projects, including “Write of Passage Summer Camp” with David Perell, a workshop that teaches kids to develop passion projects. Ana also hosts several Youtube channels, including Fab Favorites, where she explores ideas in the alternative education space and discusses the future of education with a playful twist. We'll be talking about "gamified learning" and how to keep learners engaged in a fully remote environment at the summit.

For our full list of speakers and schedule, visit Reshaping Education Summit happening live on June 9th. We cannot wait to see you there! 

Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is an author, freelance writer and the host of The Thought Card, an affordable-travel and personal finance podcast. (danielledesir.com) Follow on Twitter: @thethoughtcard