Case Study

Avion School uses Virtually to Scale Their Online School

How a premiere coding school in Southeast Asia uses our platform to train top tech talent.

Introducing Avion School

Avion School (YC W21) is a Phillippine-based coding bootcamp that helps train software engineers throughout Southeast Asia. Founded in Feb. 2019, Avion School is seeking to bridge the gap between untapped talent in Southeast Asia and engineering opportunities in Silicon Valley.

John Young

John Young (COO) joined Avion School as its first instructor. With a background in UX, Product, and Growth at startups focused on medtech and crypto-currency trading, John is now laser focused on building the infrastructure to cultivate top tech talent in Southeast Asia and bring better paying jobs to Avion School's graduates.

Victor Rivera

Victor Rivera (CEO) started Avion School to broaden access to software development education in his home country the Philippines. After working in a range of non-tech roles at startups and small businesses, Victor saw an opportunity to mimic successful coding bootcamps like Lambda School and leverage the Income Share Agreement model to build an ecosystem of talented software developers throughout Southeast Asia.

The Struggles of Starting a Coding Bootcamp

Avion School started with a single post to the 38,000 members of the Philippine startup community.

Although they had no product, no curriculum, no ISA, no instructors, zero users and no capital, what they did have was a vision to transform the tech talent landscape in SE Asia.

Having accepted their first applicants via a simple Google Form, they quickly realized they'd need a more robust tech stack to build the kind of organization they'd envisioned.

Not only did they need to build a curriculum, they needed to find somewhere to host it that would be easily accessible to learners.

Even with a curriculum, they needed a way to schedule and host live events so they could continuously connect with their learners in a live online format.

Once those events were created, they needed a way to track which learners were actually attending and how they were progressing.

While these things can be done manually using Google Suite, it takes time, grit, and significant organization to keep track of it all, and tends to be a less than stellar experience for learners.

Faced with handling the demands of running and growing Avion School — Victor and John eventually turned to Virtually for support.

A Conversation with Victor Rivera

Listen to a recent episode of the Reshaping Education podcast where Victor and Ish sit down and discuss what it takes to build a coding bootcamp from scratch.

How Avion School Uses Virtually

Event Scheduling

With the number of cohorts multiplying so quickly, managing event invites for multiple cohorts running simultaneously can easily get out of hand when trying to keep up manually.

Attendance Report

With Virtually’s auto-attendance tracking, Avion instructors no longer have to spend valuable class time doing roll call. That's over 8 hours saved per cohort.







When we first signed up for Virtually, we only had 15 students. Now that we’re adding almost a hundred students a month, we need to start thinking about growth. Not only does virtually allow us to scale, but it allows us to provide an even better student experience for all our batches. We love it!

Victor Rivera