Why Host Regular 1-on-1s in Cohort-based Online Learning Programs

February 11, 2021

Besides finding ways to keep your learners accountable, hosting regular 1-on-1 sessions throughout your online cohort-based program is beneficial for you, as the course creator, and your students. If you haven't already considered private sessions, here are three reasons why you should. 

Deepens relationships with participants

Beyond the classroom and the learning curriculum, regular 1-on-1s help you to get to know your learners and build trust. These sessions can be advantageous. They offer an opportunity for you to learn more about them and vice versa. While you want to talk about work, don’t be afraid to chop it up about other things. Discover common interests outside of the classroom, laugh, and have fun. These small interactions lay the foundation for long-lasting relationships. 

Shows a more profound commitment to learning outcomes

When you regularly meet with your learners, you are committed to helping them reach their goals. Investing in their success by hosting 1-on-1s will make them feel more confident about getting results. This value-add also justifies a higher price point for your program. 

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Opportunities to intervene 

If you notice that a student is missing classes or falling behind, 1-on-1 sessions allow instructors to intervene. During these calls, create a safe space where learners feel comfortable expressing concerns. Make it a point to listen carefully and chime in with positive and constructive feedback. Offer encouragement and guidance and consider scheduling a follow-up call to review their progress. 

Although 1-on-1s do not have to be a mandatory part of your program, even offering them on an 'as needed' basis provides extra value to learners. Although cohorts thrive on highly engaged, tight-knit communities, 1-on-1s with either instructors or mentors provide a safe space for learners to ask questions, vent, and get feedback. You may even discover new ways you can improve your program for the next round. 

Parachute Bridge is an example of a cohort-based online program which offers weekly 1-on-1 meetings with mentors. Parachute Bridge is an educational non-profit that coaches high-potential, young professionals to maximize their career trajectory. Discover more online programs crushing it right now. 

Overall, knowing learners have access to your team outside of the classroom can make your program stand out, improve retention and satisfaction. Whether you’re running a membership, boot camp, accelerator, or online course, consider helping your students cross the finish line by hosting regular 1-on-1 calls. 

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Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is an author and the host of The Thought Card, an affordable-travel and personal finance podcast. (danielledesir.com)