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January 12, 2021

Since 2005 online learning continues to transform the future of education. From trade schools to learning gyms and cohort-based development programs, these seven online courses are innovative and forward-thinking. They are reshaping how we learn, the way we build professional connections, and discover new career paths. 

7 Inspiring Online Courses You Should Know About

Acadium - Modern Day Apprenticeships

Based in Canada, Acadium is transforming the future of education by providing the tools, industry connections, support, and mentorship needed to launch digital marketing careers. Learn new skills and gain real-world work experience through a 3-month apprenticeship. The Acadium team strongly believes that anyone should be able to get the skills and real-world experience needed to start their careers.

Learn how Acadium is creating a new way for businesses to hire talent in this episode of Reshaping Education, a podcast by Virtually. 

On Delta - Online Trade School 

Founded by Mehak Vohra, OnDelta is a three-month online academy for people looking to accelerate their careers in marketing and growth management. Instead of paying tuition upfront, pay 15% of your salary for two years after you land a job in growth or tech.

Learn how to create an online school accelerator with Mehak Vohra

FlockJay - Online Academy Committed To Diversity

On a mission to make tech more accessible to people from underrepresented communities, Flockjay is an online academy that empowers diverse job seekers with the training they need to break into tech sales. With online classes and live instructors, you’ll be ready to get a job in ten weeks. No advanced degree is required. Also, there is no upfront cost until you have a job earning more than $40,000 a year. Flockjay will help you fix your resume, prep for interviews, and negotiate salary.

Parachute Bridge - Online Professional Development

Break free from traditional academics to focus on your future. Parachute Bridge is a three-week online professional development program that offers live classes and coaching to help students illuminate career paths, expand their network, and achieve their goals. 

Shift_up - Learning Gym

Shift_up is a learning gym that offers flexible online classes to learn in-demand skills. Training programs cover specialties such as UX design and cybersecurity. Discover learning gyms and why mid-career education and job retraining is an underserved market by listening to this interview with Rey Batra, the founder of Shift_up.

Mission Collaborative - Peer Learning Career Development Program

Mission Collaborative’s Career Design Fellowship provides the structure and accountability you need to make progress on the areas you’ve been struggling with on your own. Identify career paths, uncover strengths and transferable skills, and create an action plan for the next steps in your career. 

Learn more about the founder of Mission Collaborative

Building a Second Brain

Building a Second Brain is a cohort-based course by Tiago Forte that helps content creators, freelancers, and self-improvement enthusiasts save their best ideas and organize their learning so they can expand their creative output.

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