Leverage the power of cohort-based learning to drastically increase student engagement for your online education business.

What is cohort-based learning?

To put it simply, cohort-based learning takes a specific group of students through an entire curriculum - together.

With specific start and end dates, cohorts often leverage small study groups and mentors to provide extra support to their learners.

Cohorts are ideal for learning providers, as you can teach the same content in depth to multiple groups of learners, simultaneously or in succession.

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Why does it work?

Cohort-based learning is highly effective for a number of reasons.

Accountability -- the group-structure adds a level of built-in support and relationship building not found in self-paced learning models

Structure -- with clear start and end dates, participants can be more intentional about the time and commitment required and work to meet specific deadlines

Guidance -- learners in cohort-based programs can lean on their instructors and peers to move through shared content

Outcomes -- cohorts often offer clear outcomes for participants -- a skill, an enhanced portfolio, a job, etc. -- to warrant the intensive participation required

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Who is it for?

Here are some examples of cohort-based learning models (and you can run all of them on Virtually!)


  • 12 week cohorts
  • Daily 3 hours Zoom calls for all cohort members
  • Daily hour-long small group sessions
  • Weekly 1:1 mentor call
  • Readings, videos, assignments, and attendance mandatory


  • 20 week cohorts
  • Daily cohort-wide sessions with different guest speakers
  • Optional 1:1 mentorship calls with the program’s mentorship community
  • Weekly 1:1 mentor call
  • Participants schedule directly with the mentor of their choice

Group Coaching Programs

  • 8 week cohorts with flexible start dates
  • Twice weekly group sessions for all cohort participants
  • Weekly 1:1’s with each participant

Training Programs

  • 4 week cohort
  • Weekly full cohort calls
  • Twice weekly small group discussion sessions
  • Participants must review resources ahead of each call and complete a feedback form after each call

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