Case Study

Part-time YouTuber Academy uses Virtually to Scale Their Cohort-based Course

How a high-growth cohort-based course uses Virtually to run their course

Introducing Part-Time YouTuber Academy

PTYA is a fully-online cohort-based course that teaches aspiring creators how to grow their YouTube channel.

Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a Junior doctor based in the UK whose YouTube boasts over 2M subscribers. On his channel, Ali Abdaal discusses productivity, life hacks, and ideas for living a more fulfulling life.

The Struggles of Scaling a Cohort-based Course

Part-time YouTuber launched their initial cohort in the Fall of 2020. The first cohort sold out almost immediately and generated $294,000.

Since then, the program has continued to scale from a team of 2 to now a team of 8+ managing a student community of 500+ per cohort.

While the program used Podia to host their curriculum and Circle for their online community, they struggled to manage the logistics of their live events.

Specifically, they were looking for a tool that allowed them to create Zoom events, send reminders, and track attendance.

Given the scale of their program and their continued growth, Google Calendar wasn't going to cut it. They need a robust tool that allowed them the flexibility to create events and sync data to their existing systems.

They soon turned to Virtually's event manager which gave them everything they needed.

Today, PTYA uses Virtually to manage events for their main program as well as their larger alumni community with 1,500+ members.

A Conversation with Ali Abdaal

Listen to a recent episode of the Reshaping Education podcast where Ali Abdaal, Will Mannon, and Ish Baid sit down and discusses his lessons from building Part-time YouTuber Academy.

How PTYA Uses Virtually

Event Scheduling

With the size of their program growing so quickly, PTYA uses Virtually to keep a handle on calendar invites, reminders, and sending surveys for their cohorts.

Attendance Report

With Virtually’s auto-attendance tracking, PTYA can see which students are highly engaged and which ones are at risk of falling off.

They can then export these results to their internal CRM.


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Virtually's replaced a bunch of different apps for us, helping us build and manage our student database across multiple 6- and 7-figure cohorts. The team's fantastic and it's been super cool to see the evolution of the platform over time

Ali Abdaal