MOOCs to CBCs: The History of Online Education

June 17, 2021

To kickoff season two of the Reshaping Education podcast, Will and I do a deep dive into the history of online education.

We begin with the founding of YouTube in 2004 and go all the way to modern day to discussion online bootcamps and cohort-based courses.

Along the way, we stop to answer some important questions, including:

  • Why didn't MOOCs take off in the way everyone expected?
  • Why did course creators flock from Udemy to Teachable? 
  • How did COVID accelerate the future of learning?
  • Why have cohort-based courses taken off in the way they have?

... and so many more +

Listen here:

Ish Baid

Ish is the Founder & CEO of Virtually (YC S20).