Learn How To Build A Cohort-based Course In 7 Days

April 1, 2021

Today anyone with domain expertise and a passion for teaching can start an online business. Not only do we believe in the power of cohort-based learning, but we are also committed to helping others create cohort-based courses via cohort-based courses (meta!). 

As more course creators consider launching live online classes like boot camps, group coaching programs and accelerators, to support our growing community, we are offering a free training series to kickstart your online education business. 

Leverage the power of cohort-based learning by signing up for our 7-day email course

Throughout the 7-day course, learn the fundamentals of building cohort-based courses (CBC) from a team of experts. We’ll cover everything from validating your idea and building your authority and audience to developing your curriculum and selecting the right tools to launch and manage your online school. This series will leverage our vast network of cohort-based learning experts to share best practices for designing and scaling cohort-based learning programs.

In addition to daily emails, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Access to a complimentary 1:1 30-minute program design call.
  • Discount codes for recommended tools and software. 

Series topics include: 

  • Why cohort-based courses? 
  • Biggest myths for starting a cohort-based course
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Tips for launching cohort-based-courses. 
  • CBC Do's and Don'ts
  • Building Accountability
  • Ideas for engaging learners and forming online communities. 
  • How to deliver outstanding value and scale your CBC. 

Why Cohort-based Courses?

In this email segment, we’ll share how cohort-based courses stack up to other online learning models -- comparing everything including completion rates, accountability and engagement, pricing, and learner satisfaction. (Spoiler: Cohort-based courses blow other models out of the water on all these counts!) 

Launching CBCs

So you’ve decided that a CBC is the best model for your online course. Now what? In this segment, we’ll help you navigate the entire launch process, including building your curriculum, finding students, and finding the best tools to manage your program. 

Engaging Learners Online 

Join us as we dig into best practices for keeping your students engaged and learning throughout a CBC - specifically how to encourage interactions and create serendipity across a cohort.

How To Scale

One of the best parts of CBC’s is the incredible impact you can have on your learners. Why limit that to a cohort at a time? In this segment, we’ll showcase best practices to run multiple cohorts simultaneously (while still providing a top notch experience and not letting things fall through the cracks!)

We hope you're as excited as we are for this series. Sign up here and get notified when we launch our next program this Spring!

Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is an author, freelance writer and the host of The Thought Card, an affordable-travel and personal finance podcast. (danielledesir.com) Follow on Twitter: @thethoughtcard