How To Run Live Classes with Zoom

September 1, 2020

With online learning on the rise, video conferencing tools like Zoom have become a virtual classroom staple. With interactive features like screen sharing, file transfers, polls, and breakout rooms, it’s possible to connect with your students and teach virtually from anywhere. Nevertheless, running a live class with Zoom has its challenges. For one, keeping your students engaged throughout a lesson can be difficult especially with social media and online shopping a few clicks away. To enrich your students’ online learning experience, here are three solutions to boost interaction, and engagement during your next live class.

Strategies For Running Live Classes on Zoom

Ask participants to keep their camera on

While many may feel more comfortable joining a live classroom with their camera turned off, attendees are more likely to pay attention if they know they have to be on camera. Asking all participants to enable video when logging on can bring your community closer as you can see attendees’ faces, gauge interest, and their reactions. Encourage participants to toggle to “Gallery View” so everyone can see each other simultaneously. As an instructor, looking into the camera when you speak will give the impression that you’re maintaining eye contact which will draw your attendees in.

Send calendar invites

Increase attendance by sending out calendar invites and link details in advance of your live class. This not only blocks off time on all participants’ calendars but also avoids additional questions like how to join a meeting. Additionally, if you host recurring meetings, you can schedule these so the meeting link remains the same throughout your program.

Send reminders

Even with meetings set on our calendars, it’s easy to miss a meeting so it doesn't hurt to send attendees reminders the week of or the day before class. If using Google Calendar, when sending out a meeting invite, add notifications, or email reminders days before the event. You can also specify at what time these reminders are sent out.

Introducing Virtually

To help you offer the best virtual classroom experience Virtually comes built-in with Zoom integration, Google calendar integration, and automatic attendance tracking. This means you never have to leave your Virtually dashboard to create events. With one click, attendees can opt-in to join upcoming events and calendar invites will automatically be placed on their calendars. Afterward, all they have to do is accept.

Despite the challenges that come with running live classes, Zoom is a powerful tool for both students and instructors who are scheduling and hosting classes online. Start building your online school today and accept up to ten students for free with Virtually or schedule a demo to walk through how our features can meet your business needs.

Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is an author, freelance writer and the host of The Thought Card, an affordable-travel and personal finance podcast. ( Follow on Twitter: @thethoughtcard