Case Study: How the Best Online Schools use Active Intervention to Reduce Drop-out Rates and Boost Student Engagement

June 8, 2022

Ensuring student success is a top priority for online learning programs, but determining the most effective support tactics can be tricky. 

One often leveraged tactic: student interventions. 

This typically involves reaching out to learners to check-in, offer support, or hop on calls throughout their online learning program to make sure they stay on track and don’t drop off when things get tough. 

But with limited time and resources, how do you determine which students would benefit most from this type of outreach? And further, how effective it actually is? 

That’s why the team at Virtually interviewed top online schools about their intervention practices. 

We wanted to understand the full picture: what they tracked, what they considered risk factors, how they reached out, and why they felt it was an important and useful practice (or not!). 

We’ve condensed what we learned into a case study that’s jam packed with insights and take-aways. 

Our biggest insight? Interventions work. 

Access the full Case Study here.

Laura Marks

Laura Marks is Head of Customer Experience at Virtually