Alternatives to Google Classroom

October 19, 2021

Google Classroom is a simple school-based learning management system (LMS) that helps educators manage multiple classrooms using one centralized dashboard. Available on desktop and mobile, teach, distribute and grade assignments, store videos and other digital assets, and communicate with learners virtually from anywhere. Leveraging Google’s suite of productivity tools, users can also add on various educational applications to unlock more features and capabilities.

While Google Classroom is free and widely adopted by schools and higher education institutions, its features are limited. Yet, there are a variety of robust Google Classroom alternatives instructors can consider for more advanced features and customization. Whether you’re launching an asynchronous course for corporate or live cohort-based courses, here’s a list of classroom alternatives that may better suit your online learning needs.

For Universities and K-12

Canvas is a popular LMS helping institutions create customizable online learning experiences - face-to-face, blended, and remote. Used by K-12 institutions, universities, and businesses building large-scale training and development programs, Canvas specializes in creating an ecosystem where teachers can communicate with individual students, groups, or the entire class through audio notes, video, and more.

Notable features include a grade book where students can review grades from quizzes and tests, and instructors can share comments via video and quickly create actional reports about student progress. Students can also see assignments for each class (color-coded) and get easy access to all educational content and curriculum.

For Asynchronous Courses

Trusted by universities and corporate training programs with thousands of users,  Eduflow  is a social and collaborative learning platform specializing in asynchronous and peer learning. Built by educators, Eduflow offers pre-recorded video hosting and in-app webcam and screen recording, just-in-time notifications either in-app or via email, and a built-in, drag-and-drop course authoring tool that streamlines the course creation process. Connect with your favorite tools with Zapier integration, API, or SSO (single sign-on) support.

For Cohort-Based Courses

Virtually offers a robust LMS that manages live cohort-based courses and other group-based courses from a single dashboard. Schedule live classes over Zoom, track admissions, onboarding, and payments, host the curriculum, manage assignments, and more. Integrate Virtually with your favorite tools like Zoom, Google Calendar, and Stripe with API support.

What do you look for in a learning management system? What Google Classroom alternatives are you considering? Please share with us your thoughts by tweeting us at @tryvirtually on Twitter.

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