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Automate attendance tracking for Zoom

Virtually is the most powerful attendance tracking tool for Zoom. Accurately detect when members join/leave live sessions (even if they aren't logged into Zoom).

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Session Joins


Hosted Events

Seamless event management

  • Segment your members to target specific groups when scheduling Zoom sessions
  • Make updates to your student roster that automatically reflect on your calendar
  • Automate email invites, reminders, and follow-ups (all that little stuff that really adds up!)

Powerful analytics for your community

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your student community with automated attendance tracking
  • Check your dashboard for insights and trends on student progress
  • Reward your star students and send nudges to help struggling students get back on track

Built-in security

  • Block unwanted visitors from attending your live online sessions/Zoom sessions
  • Customize your security preferences to make sure only the right people access your events
  • Get notified if there's an attempted security breach


When we first signed up for Virtually, we only had 15 students. Now that we’re adding almost a hundred students a month, we need to start thinking about growth. Not only does virtually allow us to scale, but it allows us to provide an even better student experience for all our batches. We love it!

Victor Rivera

Founder & CEO - Avion School

Virtually's replaced a bunch of different apps for us, helping us build and manage our student database across multiple 6- and 7-figure cohorts. The team's fantastic and it's been super cool to see the evolution of the platform over time.

Ali Abdaal

Part-time YouTuber Academy

Why trust us?

Truthfully, we geek about education. Our products are inspired by conversations with the top learning leaders in the world.

Reshaping Education

Reshaping Education is a podcast that hosts top entrepreneurs and CEOs that are innovating to make education more accessible and affordable for all.

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Ana Lorena Fabrega
Chief Evangelist at Synthesis
Austen Allred
Co-Founder & CEO of BloomTech
Ryan Craig
Author of Disrupting College & A New U
Michael B. Horn
Author of Choosing College
Dickie Bush
Founder, of Ship30for30
Gagan Biyani
Co-Founder of Udemy and CEO of Maven

Institutions today are much farther ahead than they were over a decade ago.  They’re really looking to adopt technologies to improve the way they’re teaching and working.  We’re seeing a lot lower barriers on wanting to adopt new technologies. In fact, many schools are actually taking the lead and want to start looking at new technologies to figure out the best ways to engage with their students.

Michael Chasen

Founder of Blackboard & CEO of

We have a huge spreadsheet where any time someone submits a homework assignment we update the spreadsheet. And every two weeks we look through the spreadsheet and we create an aggregate score of engagement based on how many homework assignments they submitted, how many zoom minutes have they attended, how engaged are they on Circle (our community platform) etc. And for the bottom 20% of people or those who haven't done anything at all, we send them a little nudge. We see you haven’t posted. Is there anything we can do to help?

Ali Abdaal

Part-time YouTuber Academy

Achieving good student outcomes is less about teaching technical content and more about harnessing their motivation and inspiration to do something.

Harsh Patel

Former CEO of Galvanize, Maker Square, and Hack Reactor

And I think that's what really builds continuity and engagement over time: is making the community stronger…From there, I think the gold standard for education is personalized learning at scale.

Laura Holden

Ops & Community Manager at Skillful

And plenty of integrations...

Virtually connects to the tools that you know and love.

Google Calendar
Microsoft Exchange
Community Roster
Google Sheets
Communication Tools

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Join us live on February 24th to learn how "Ali Abdaal's team Uses No-Code to Automate Part-time YouTube Academy." Register