Keep learners engaged and prevent drop-offs

Virtually tracks and aggregates key insight across Slack, Zoom, and your LMS to give you the complete picture of your learner engagement

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Training engagement data is scattered across various tools and it's hard to gauge which learners are progressing and which ones are falling behind.

Virtually is the command center for your L&D operations.

The difficult way

Current solutions require you to duct-tape dozens of existing tools together or spend a fortune to hire engineers to build custom software.

The Virtually way

Event management from a single platform. That means spending fewer resources on tools while also improving instructor and student experiences.

Send event invites
Track attendance
Generate conference links
Zoom settings
Update guestlists
Custom reminders
Share calendar

Easy Event Management

  • Schedule your Zoom sessions with full control over who gets invited
  • When you make a change to your learner roster, the calendar updates
  • Automate the sending of email invites, reminders, and follow-ups (you know, all that little stuff that adds up)

Monitor the Health of Your Course

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your course with automated attendance tracking
  • Check your dashboard for reports and trends on the performance of your live sessions
  • Reward your star learners, and send a nudge to the ones who have gone M.I.A.

Secure your live sessions

  • Block unwanted visitors from attending
  • Customize your security preferences
  • Get notified if something fishy happens

 Connect with your existing tools

Virtually plays well with the tools you already know and love

Connect with Your Calendar
Google Calendar
Microsoft Exchange
Connect with Your Roster
Google Sheets
Connect with your Communication Tools

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