The No-Code Guide To Building Cohort-Based Courses

January 20, 2021

Gone are the days where you need to hire a developer or learn how to code to build a website or create an application. In recent years, no-code platforms like AirTable, Webflow, and Zapier have made it possible for online learning communities to launch and scale quickly. Through features like visual programming, pre-loaded templates, drag-and-drop, and automation, no-code platforms are empowering online educators to bring their innovative concepts to the masses. While some no-code platforms specialize in specific functions like workflow and data capture, others integrate a suite of applications.

Whether you are overwhelmed by the tech or you are looking for a fully-customizable learning management system (LMS), Virtually is a no-code online course builder that requires no coding expertise. On a mission to democratize education by enabling anyone to build online leaning communities, Virtually integrates live conferencing, payment processing, and student management in a simple solution. 

Integrating dozens of existing tools, our point-and-click LMS allows online educators to host live programs like online classes, accelerators, group coaching, memberships, and more. Acknowledging that using these tools separately can be overwhelming and time-consuming, we piece together calendar management, communication, and payment processing so you can manage the content and administrative aspects of your online program in one place. Here are three areas where Virtually offers a no-code solution to building cohort-based courses.

Student Management 

Managing your students is a critical component of any online course. While you can manually use Excel, Google Sheets, or AirTable, Virtually centralizes communication with your students as well as tracks their progress. Send announcements, create group posts, get feedback, and poll students. Or export student records, track outcomes with surveys, and grade assignments. 

Host Live Classes

For online educators who are looking for an LMS with built-in live session capabilities, schedule live classes across time zones and host live sessions with Zoom or

Live programs see 10x more engagement and earn 3x more revenue than traditional online courses. 

Payment Processing 

In addition to accepting one-time payments, monthly or annual payments Virtually supports progressive payment terms like income share agreements that allow students to revenue share their future salary. With a few clicks, change your pricing and income model. 

If you are ready to streamline the management of your online school without having to write a single line of code, we invite you to try Virtually risk-free for 7-days or schedule a demo. We look forward to learning more about your business needs and how we can help you reach your goals. 

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Danielle Desir

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